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木村 スイフォン



日本人の美しさ、ファッションスタイル、優雅さ、自己啓発やコミュニケーション力に対する情熱に影響を受け、イメージコンサルタントの道を志すこととし、東京の銀座にある、ハッピースパイラルアカデミーにて、イメージコンサルタントコース修了。 顔タイプ診断、パーソナルショッピング、メイク、骨格診断、パーソナルカラー診断の資格を取得

“It’s rather the style that fits our lifestyle than we fit the style”.



英語、中国語、日本語(中級) による多言語のサービスを提供しております。

"Every woman deserves to feel beautiful."


Fung Kimura


Tomona Yamazaki

Tokyo Image Consultant

In my teenage years, my passion was watching Paris fashion runway on TV.  
I admired designer clothes and the models who wore them beautifully. 
I knew I would not fit into them, am only 153 cm in height, no long arms, no long legs.

Then, in the early 1990s I saw Kate Moss in an magazine. She was not the “typical” supermodel, she was shorter and skinnier, with a “natural” look. I was obsessed with her strong identity. One of a kind presence that said “Kate Moss”.
She gave me confidence.  I realized we are all ”one of a kind”.


From then on, I found more and more joy in expressing myself through dressing.  Allowing me to know my body and who I am, to establish the authentic look that says “ME”. It’s rather the clothes that fits me than I fit the clothes.

Beauty comes from within and everyone has their own. Let me help you bring out your charm, style and beauty from inner and outer.
Looking forward to meeting you!

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