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Personal Color Analysis

Power of Color

  Everyone has a unique combination of skin, hair, and eye colors that make up their personal color palette. Personal Color Analysis is tool of attraction. It’s a tool designed to help to identify the colors that would be in harmony with our skin, eye and hair color. 


Most powerful way to make yourself more visible

When you wear your personal color palette you become more memorable

How do we determine

We check:

value or contrast level - how light, medium, or deep/dark.

chroma/saturation - how bright (clear) or soft (muted)

undertone - warm or cool

This results in Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer.


What is the season color?

colors 4season_edited.jpg

Personal color season has nothing to do with the season of his or her birth season of the year. 

Warm ( Autumn and Spring)

Cool ( Winter and Summer)

To confirm client’s best range of colors we will conduct a color draping session. This is a fun draping time,  and really fun to play with colors and understand colors better.  

How it helps?

No more impulse buys that do not really working for you.

Knowing color theory can help you shop especially online.

Familiar with what works for you with your lifestyle and your personal coloring

Wear makeup color to compliment your face, eye color, check or lip.

Feel pleasing with nail color, jewelry, hat or bag color.

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 Everything looks balanced and feel great with the right color tone of cosmetic. This is a fun tool,  and really fun to play with colors and understand colors better.  

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